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Before we get in to the specific issues of buttock augmentation, let us clarify the similar but different issues in regards to lower body procedures. We have lower body lift, we have back lift we have Brazilian lift, we now have buttock lift we have buttock enhancement and augmentation.

Lower body lift usually describes a procedure whereby an incision is created somewhere at the amount of the upper underwear and excess skin from the buttocks is taken away. Back lift is similar in incision nevertheless the goal would be to take away the redundant skin in the spine rather than the buttocks.

Brazilian buttock augmentation usually identifies large volume fat grafting for the buttock area. In buttock augmentation, the goal would be to provide more fullness in the buttock area.

In buttock enhancement we take a more comprehensive consider the spine and buttock area and upper lateral thighs, and analyze the way we will make it more harmonious and esthetic.

For your purpose we will glance at the hip area, the buttock area itself in term of fullness tissue quality and fat distribution, and we will consider the trochanteric areas (saddle bags area). We will have where the proportions have to be improved and formulate a plan that may include implant, liposuction, fat grafting or skin resection.

The two main ways to go about achieving a fuller ” derriere.” One is by using implants the second is simply by putting fat taken from another portion of the body and placing it inside the buttock area. At times both procedures are needed in order to achieve the expected outcome.

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First let us speak about the implants themselves. The implants are made from a really soft silicone solid. They are not a liquid rather than gel either. They are distinct from the implants used for breast enlargement. And as they are manufactured from an extremely soft solid even if it was cut torn or pierced as an example during a medication injection, no untoward effect would result. You will find different sizes available there are not the same shapes available.

I only use a round implant. The primary reason is when the implant would be to rotate and it also was oblong the position then the significant deformity would result, but when it is round plus it rotates then no visual difference would result. The implant pocket is created exactly to the size of the implant so there is not too much possibility for that implant of moving and within 3 weeks after the surgery your body could have developed a sufficient level of scar tissue across the implant which will avoid the implant from migrating. The incision is 7cm long it is actually positioned in the buttock fold and it is made in a specialized way concerning provide adequate healing and sealing from the space created. The care of that incision is very easy: after shower or after using the restroom the incision and the tape which is on top of that are painted with an iodine based antiseptic.

In the event the shape which needs to be added to the buttock is not exactly round then we do a mix of procedures, the implant providing the central part of the enhancement and the fat grafting supplying the contouring.

This can be very applicable in a situation where there is not enough fat to offer the projection needed so that an implant together with fat will be able to improve the result achieved.

Fat transfer grafting is definitely the other way we can achieve fullness inside the buttock area, some individuals have advertised it as being a Brazilian buttock lift. There is not any agreed definition in regards to what constitutes a Brazilian lift.

When fat is transferred in one part of the body to another one (in this case the buttocks) it is transferred without its nourishment. To ensure unwanted fat to thrive in its new location nourishment needs to range from recipient site. This can be a most essential concept because in order to ensure survival of fat it must be put into small quantities all over the area to be enhanced. Placing large pools of fat inside an area is not going to lead to a successful “take” as well as the fat will die causing potential infection, hard masses and discomfort. Because of this the limiting element in augmentation with fat is how big the recipient area around it is the accessibility to fat to be transferred. If the recipient area is thin and small then a limited mount of fat could be successfully placed. And in that situation we would need an implant possibly in conjunction with fat grafting. Harvesting unwanted fat properly is also important. It needs to be done in a septic technique in a “no touch technique”. What is meant by that is that the fat is aspirated, kept in a container and do not exposed to air, and do not manipulated directly by surgical instruments.

To make sure the consistent and predictable quantity of fat placed in a given area, I actually have created a device that enables me to set a preset quantity of fat at a specific depth inside the tissue and at a preset distance through the area which was just injected. This in my thoughts are the easiest method to possess the graft fat survive in its recipient area. This equipment has also streamlined the ftfpfh and allows me to set larger levels of fat in a shorter time period. This is important because survival of the fat is enhanced by shortening how much time it is kept outside the body. Post operatively it is very important to remain from the area which was grafted to permit the region proper circulation for that survival of the grafted tissue with no interference of pressure and weight.

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